Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Printable coupons powered by Smart Source

I understand why but this has be a bit irritated none the less. Smart Source and all of the other products that use their coupon software are cracking down or coupon fraud. Many of the newer printers are not supported anymore. Here is the message they sent me.

Subject: Printers

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

We do not allow printing to certain types of printers, primarily those that can capture an image of the coupon.

Our latest software is more rigorous in defining what printers are allowed and some users that previously were allowed to print are now seeing this error. Our sytem produces an automated report of any printer that is not allowed and our engineers then investigate to see if it indeed should not be blocked.

If you have multiple printers (such as in a corporate setting) you could try switching to another printer on your network. If you are trying to use a "virtual printer" (such as a PDF writer) you must pick a "real" printer.

Please feel free to reply if you have any additional questions.

SmartSource Coupons Support

Free tube of toothpaste

Here is a link to a printable for a free tube of Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste. There are also some other great printables on the same page. This link is kind of screwy, occasionally the page will not open, if that is the case try typing in and go to the coupons page from there. If that doesn't work try it again later.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's been a while

Sorry All,

I know it's been a while since I've posted. Three Birthdays, Two Fathers, One Anniversary (ours), the 4th of July, and a Family Reunion all within the next five weeks! Oh yeah, I'm hostessing a Baby Shower for a good friend of mine in two weeks, right in the middle of everything else. I think I may loose my mind!

Being that this is a blog about saving money, here's a look at how I control the financial chaos that could potentially descend upon us.

1. Our Anniversary - This is the only one I'm not sure hubby has made plans and I'm affearded.

2. My Father-in-laws Birthday - Back when our youngest was a newborn my Father-in-law bought him a Tulane t-shirt, Tulane being my FIL's Alma Matter. This year what I'm going to do is take that same shirt, embroider the baby's name and birth date on the back and make a small throw pillow out of it. The pillow will be stuffed with other baby clothes that were too stained to go to the thrift store or freecycle.

3. Father's Day - Dad's are getting their vehicles washed by their son's. My hubby and his brothers are washing my FIL's car and my children and I are washing, cleaning, and vacuuming my husbands truck.

4. The soon to be 12 year old's birthday - The only thing he wants for his birthday this year is a guitar. He made the Honor Roll for more than half the school year so we are getting him a guitar and lessons. This is where Freecycle comes in really handy. We got him are really nice guitar for free although we did have to buy him a case for it which ran us $100.00.

I'm making the cake this year and we're just having a few friends over for a little get together.

5. The 4th of July - We're headed over to a friends house to party this year. I'm bringing a frozen Strawberry dessert that is cheap easy and tastes wonderful. (I'll post that recipe later)In the past we just pack up a picnic dinner and go sit out on the levee and watch the fireworks. It's a lot of fun and if the wind is blowing we bring kites to fly while we wait for the sun to go down and the show to begin.

6. The Family Reunion - I'm making a big ole pot of Gumbo for the family...we're talking probably 4 chickens and a whole box of sausage 3 lbs of onions, a boat load of garlic, and a whole bunch of celery, red & green bell peppers. Are you hungry? I'm getting there.

7. The Baby Shower - I'm pretty proud of my ingenuity on this one. The decorations are going to be Baby Clothes hanging up on a clothes line. I got the idea while in the local party store looking a decorations. They sell for $10 a strand garland that looks like baby clothes only really really small (and of no practical value). What I've done is gotten real clothes line and real baby clothes (freecycle) and we are decorating all the walls with the super cute baby clothes. I picked up some fake flowers, butterfly's and bumble bees which I'm going to hot glue to the clothes pins. I'll make sure to post up some pictures from the shower.

That pretty much sum's up the majority of my summer!

For those that might not know Freecycle is a yahoo group that has branches all over the country. If you're not on Freecycle I would highly suggest you sign up, I have both received lots of things that I've needed and given lots of stuff that I didn't need to good homes.

That's about all I can put up right now, the baby just woke up.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food Stamp Challenge Day 7

Being a day of rest and the end of our week...

Frosted Mini Wheats

Left over Chicken
Cool Aide - $0.15

Left over Butter Beans
Iced Tea

Total for the entire week $89.78! We came in $39.72 under! But better yet, I didn't alter my menu hardly at all. The only thing I did differently than normal was that I usually buy two 12 paks of Coke and one Sprite for the week (which runs me an extra $12.00 per week)

Anybody can learn how to do this, it's easy and fun! See how I save on my groceries every week by checking out You can find an educator near you.

Food Stamp Challenge Day 6

Bacon - $3.00 (WD 2 for 6)

Peanut Butter
Cool Aide $0.15

Mac & Cheese - $1.00

Chicken - $3.59 (WD BOGOF)
Mashed Potatoes - $1.50 (WD Managers Special)
Corn on the Cob - $1.00 (WD)
Iced Tea

Total so far $89.63

Food Stamp Challenge Day 5

Frosted Mini Wheats

Hot Dogs
Sliced Cheese
Mac & Cheese - $1.00 (WD)
Cool Aide - $0.15

Left over pancakes

Butter Beans
White Lima Beans- $0.99 (Save A Lot)
Shallot - $0.48 (Hong Kong Market)
Garlic - $0.50 (Hong Kong Market)
Andouille Sausage
Pickled Pork - $3.95 (WD)
Ham Soup Base - $0.97 (Hong Kong Market)
Corn Bread - $0.50 (Sav A Lot)
Iced Tea

Total so far $79.39